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Head of Government (e.g., Prime Minister)

The Head of Government is the political leader of the nation, such as the British Prime Minister, German Chancellor, or American President. It is distinct from the Head of State, the leading representative of the state. In some nations, the roles of state and head of government are combined, as in the presidency of the United States.

People holding the role of Head of Government (e.g., Prime Minister)

Person Start Date End Date
Asquith, H. H. 1908-04-05 1916-12-05
Bethmann Hollweg, Theobald 1917-07-13
Clemenceau, Georges
Kerensky, Alexander 1917-07-20 1917-11-07
Lenin, Vladimir 1917-11-08 1924-01-21
Lloyd George, David
Salandra, Antonio
Venizelos, Eleftherios
Wilson, Woodrow