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Luigi Cadorna

Postcard of a color painting of General Luigi Cadorna, chief of staff of the Italian Army
Generale Luigi Cadorna
Postmarked October 10, 1916

General Luigi Cadorna, chief of staff of the Italian Army

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Postmarked October 10, 1916

Generale Luigi Cadorna

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Luigi Cadorna, Italian general and Chief of Staff of the Italian Army from from July 27, 1914 until his replacement by General Armando Diaz on November 7, 1917 after the disastrous Italian defeat in the Battle of Caparetto.

In 1915, Italy's first year in the War, Cadorna launched four Battles of the Isonzo. In 1916, he added five more, the Sixth Battle of the Isonzo being his most successful. Cadorna continued his attacks on the Isonzo in 1917, with the Tenth (May 12 to June 8) and the Eleventh (August 19 to September 12).

With a ceasefire on the Russian Front, and fearing its ally Austria-Hungary was near collapse, Germany joined in what would be the Twelfth Battle of the Isonzo, the only one not initiated by Italy, better known as the Battle of Caparetto.


Roles held by Luigi Cadorna

Role Start Date End Date
Combatant - General 0000-00-00
Army Chief of Staff 1914-07-27 1917-11-07