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Title Author Last Name Author First Name Author Full Name
The Airservice Boys (series)
The Airship Boys (series) Sayler H.L. Sayler
The Amazing Interlude Rinehart Mary Roberts Mary Roberts Rinehart
The Anatomy of Revolution, Revised and Expanded Edition Brinton Crane Crane Brinton
The Armenians: A People in Exile Lang David Marshall David Marshall Lang
The Astonished Man Cendrars Blaise Blaise Cendrars
The Austro-Hungarian Forces in World War I (1) 1914-16 Jung Peter Jung, Peter; Ilustrated by Darko Pavlovic
The Balkans Jelavich Charles Charles Jelavich and Barbara Jelavich
The Balkans, A Laboratory of History Sloane William William M. Sloane
The Balloon Buster Hall Norman S. Norman S. Hall
The Battle of Cambrai Cooper Brian Brian Cooper
The Battle of Loos Warner Philip Philip Warner
The Battle of the Otranto Straits: Controlling the Gateway to the Adriatic in World War I Halpern Paul Halpern
The Battle of Verdun Buffetaut Yves Yves Buffetaut
The Battle of Vimy Ridge McKee Alexander Alexander McKee
The Beauty and the Sorrow: An Intimate History of the First World War Englund Peter Peter Englund
the big book Strachan Hugh Strachan
The Big Push, A Portrait of the Battle of the Somme Gardner Brian Brian Gardner
The Birth of Russian Democracy Sack A. J. A. J. Sack
The Book of the House Humphrey Mrs. C.E. Humphrey
The Boy Aviators Lawton Wilbur Lawton
The British Army 1914-18 Fosten D.S.V. D.S.V. Fosten and R.J. Marrion
The Burning of Cork White Gerry and Brendan O'Shea Gerry White and Brendan O'Shea
The Burning of the World: A Memoir of 1914 Zombory-Moldován Béla Béla Zombory-Moldován
The Burning Tigris: The Armenian Genocide and America Balakian Peter Peter Balakian

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