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A German Zeppelin visits Sofia, capital of Bulgaria on November 10, 1915. Less than a month earlier Bulgaria had joined the Central Powers.

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Balkan Kriegsschauplatz. 10. Nov. 1915: Der Zeppelinbesuch in Sofia. Balkan theater of war, November 10, 1915. The Zeppelin visit in Sofia.


Kriegshilfe München II, N.W. 11 - War Aid, Munich II, N.W. 11

Zum Gloria-Viktoria Album

Sammel. u. Nachschlagewerk des Völkerkrieges

For Gloria Victoria album

Collection and reference book of international war

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Airships are lighter-than-air aircraft, and include balloons - gasbags of fabric or other material with no internal structure - and rigid airships - such as the Zeppelin - which have an internal metal frames covered by fabric.

Airship is a type of Aircraft.

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