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Under her commander Captain Koenig, the German merchant submarine "Deutschland", largest in the world, ran the British blockade of Germany and British ships off the US coast to reach the neutral United States, arriving in Baltimore Harbor July 10, 1916.
Postcard of the Deutschland of Bremen, and the tugboat Thomas F. Timmins of Baltimore.

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The German U Boat "Deutschland"

Largest in the World

And her commander - Captain Koenig

Arriving Baltimore Harbor - July 10th, 1916

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German U-boat (%i1%Unterseeboot%i0%) types and classes:

U- Standard

UB- boats for coastal waters

UC- for mine laying in coast waters

UE- for mine laying in ocean waters

Germany's policy of unrestricted submarine warfare was a major factor in bringing the United States into the war.

Submarine is a type of Ship.

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