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Y Ravine Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel, France.

Y Ravine Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel, France. © 2013 John M. Shea

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Monday, October 16, 1916

"October 14th.—Rossignol Wood is off. Things are not going well farther south. At a divisional lecture on 'Tanks and their October 16th.—Tactical Use,' we were told that the Rossignol Wood affair was just to have been a feint: as things are Fritz is having to shorten his line."

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Entries for October 14 and 16, 1916 from the writings — diaries, letters, and memoirs — of Captain J.C. Dunn, Medical Officer of the Second Battalion His Majesty's Twenty-Third Foot, the Royal Welch Fusiliers, and fellow soldiers who served with him. The Battalion was then serving in the Somme sector. Rossignol Wood is north of Thiepval where the fighting was very heavy in September and October.


The War the Infantry Knew 1914-1919 by Captain J.C. Dunn, pp. 263–264, copyright © The Royal Welch Fusiliers 1987, publisher: Abacus (Little, Brown and Company, UK), publication date: 1994


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