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Germany invades neutral Luxemburg

Above a black and white photograph of the Adolf Bridge (span: 84 meters)is the shield of Luxemburg, a red lion rampant on a background of blue and white horizontal stripes. Above the shield is a radiating crown and the years 1914 and 1915. The flag of Luxemburg - three horizontal bars of red, white, blue - is on either side.

The Adolf Bridge in Luxemburg. On the morning of August 3, 1914. © Verlag W. Capus, Luxemburg (Gare). Nachdr. ve

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Luxemburg, Adolfbrücke Spannweite 84 m : Adolf Bridge, span 84 meters

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Germany invades the neutral Grand Duchy of Luxemburg. Germany had been a signatory to the 1867 Treaty of London which declared Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg neutral territory.