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Title Author Last Name Author First Name Author Full Name
The Russian Revolution Moorehead Alan Alan Moorehead
The Russian Revolution (Second Edition) Fitzpatrick Sheila Sheila Fitzpatrick
The Scientific American War Book Scientific American Scientific American
The Silent Dictatorship Kitchen Martin Martin Kitchen
The Sky on Fire by Raymond H. Fredette Fredette Raymond Raymond H. Fredette
The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 Clark Christopher Christopher Clark
The Social History of the Machine Gun Ellis John John Ellis
The Somme: The Darkest Hour on the Western Front Hart Peter Hart
The Sopwith Camel F.1 by J. M. Bruce, Profile Publications WWI Aviation Bruce J.M. Bruce, J.M.
The Spectre of Alexander Wolf Gazdanov Gaito Gaito Gazdanov
The Stray Dog Cabaret Schmidt Paul Paul Schmidt
The Swordbearers Barnett Correlli Correlli Barnett
The Tank Corps Williams-Ellis Clough Clough Williams-Ellis & A. Williams-Ellis
The Times History, The Times History and Encyclopaedia of the War, Part 186, India During the War
The Twelve and Other Poems Blok Alexander Alexander Blok
The United States Department of Justice Registration Card of Alien Female Anna Geiselmann of New York City United States Department of Justice United States Department of Justice
The United States in the Great War Abbot Abbot
The Unsubstantial Air: American Fliers in the First World War Hynes Samuel Samuel Hynes
The Virago Book of Women and the Great War Marlow Joyce Joyce Marlow, Editor
The War Diaries of Albert I King of the Belgians Albert Albert Albert I
The War in Eastern Europe Reed John John Reed
The War of the Nations Portfolio in Rotogravure Etchings Compiled from the Mid-Week Pictorial New York Times The New York Times
The War That Ended Peace: the Road to 1914 MacMillan Margaret Margaret MacMillan
The War the Infantry Knew 1914-1919 Dunn J.C. Captain J.C. Dunn
The War to End All Wars: The American Military Experience in World War I Coffman Edward M. Edward M. Coffman

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