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Title Author Last Name Author First Name Author Full Name
Selected Poems Pasternak Boris Boris Pasternak
Serbia's Great War 1914-1918 Mitrovic Andrej Andrej Mitrovic
Setting the Desert on Fire Barr James James Barr
Severn & Somme and War's Embers Gurney Ivor Ivor Gurney
Short Rations: an American Woman in Germany 1915-1916 Doty Madeleine Madeleine Z. Doty
Shot at Dawn: Executions in World War One by Authority of the British Army Act Putkowski Julian Putkowski and Julian Sykes Putkowski
Siegfried Sassoon Diaries 1915-1918 Sassoon Siegfried Siegfried Sassoon
Sikorsky S-16 Mikheyev Vadim Vadim Mikheyev
Sky Cendrars Blaise Blaise Cendrars
Some Desperate Glory; the First World War the Poets Knew Egremont Max Max Egremont
Somewhere Trent Martha Martha Trent
Somme Macdonald Lyn Lyn Macdonald
Spad Scouts SVII - SXIII Bruce J.M. Bruce, J.M.; Illustrated by Michael P. Roffe and Richard Ward
SPAD XIII vs. Fokker D VII: Western Front 1916-18 Gutman Jon Gutman
Spiked Helmets of Imperial Germany Trawnik Wm. Randall Trawnik
St. Petersburg Biely Andrey Andrey Biely
Stalking within yer chamber ???? ????
Storm of Steel Jünger Ernst Ernst Jünger
Strategy and Command: The Anglo-French Coalition on the Western Front, 1914 Prete Roy Roy Prete
Suicide of the Empires Clark Alan Alan Clark
Tanganyikan Guerilla: East African Campaign 1914-18 Sibley Major J. R. Major J. R. Sibley
Tanks and Weapons of World War I Fitzsimons Bernard Bernard Fitzsimons (ed.)
Ten Days that Shook the World Reed John John Reed
Testament of Youth: An Autobiographical Study of the Years 1900–1925 Brittain Vera Vera Brittain
The 1916 Poets Ryan Desmond Edited with an Introduction by Desmond Ryan

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