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Title Author Last Name Author First Name Author Full Name
Severn & Somme and War's Embers Gurney Ivor Ivor Gurney
Short Rations: an American Woman in Germany 1915-1916 Doty Madeleine Madeleine Z. Doty
Shot at Dawn: Executions in World War One by Authority of the British Army Act Putkowski Julian Putkowski and Julian Sykes Putkowski
Siegfried Sassoon Diaries 1915-1918 Sassoon Siegfried Siegfried Sassoon
Sikorsky S-16 Mikheyev Vadim Vadim Mikheyev
Sky Cendrars Blaise Blaise Cendrars
Some Desperate Glory; the First World War the Poets Knew Egremont Max Max Egremont
Somewhere Trent Martha Martha Trent
Somme Macdonald Lyn Lyn Macdonald
Spad Scouts SVII - SXIII Bruce J.M. Bruce, J.M.; Illustrated by Michael P. Roffe and Richard Ward
SPAD XIII vs. Fokker D VII: Western Front 1916-18 Gutman Jon Gutman
Spiked Helmets of Imperial Germany Trawnik Wm. Randall Trawnik
Stalking within yer chamber ???? ????
Storm of Steel Jünger Ernst Ernst Jünger
Strategy and Command: The Anglo-French Coalition on the Western Front, 1914 Prete Roy Roy Prete
Suicide of the Empires Clark Alan Alan Clark
Tanganyikan Guerilla: East African Campaign 1914-18 Sibley Major J. R. Major J. R. Sibley
Tanks and Weapons of World War I Fitzsimons Bernard Bernard Fitzsimons (ed.)
Ten Days that Shook the World Reed John John Reed
Testament of Youth: An Autobiographical Study of the Years 1900–1925 Brittain Vera Vera Brittain
The 1916 Poets Ryan Desmond Edited with an Introduction by Desmond Ryan
The 1917 Spring Offensives: Arras, Vimy, Chemin des Dames Buffetaut Yves Yves Buffetaut
The Airservice Boys (series)
The Airship Boys (series) Sayler H.L. Sayler
The Amazing Interlude Rinehart Mary Roberts Mary Roberts Rinehart

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